About us

Adnann Contracting LLC was founded in 1999, it has consistently grown to become a strong market player in the UAE. Over the years and with its objective to expand in all types of projects, Adnann Contracting LLC acquired the needed license for the construction of high rise buildings. With a vision to maintain and capture market share, Adnann Contracting LLC went on further in 2010 to obtain a Grade 3 classification and has opened a branch in Abu Dhabi. Adnann Contracting L.L.C was incorporated with a keen desire to provide the total support and most comprehensive services in the field of construction to the customers with emphasis in quality control and client satisfaction. Adnann Contracting LLC ensures that every project undertaken is meticulously planned taking into consideration all aspects and details of the project. The promoters of Adnann Contracting LLC are veterans within the construction industry and are well experienced with all the varied aspects of construction projects. Adnann Contracting LLC boasts of a variety of projects in the private sector, ranging from private villas, hospitals, hotels, shopping complexes, multi-storied premises, commercial and industrial constructions. Through its years of construction experience, proficient supervision and skilled personnel Adnann Contracting LLC has successfully carried out and delivered projects to its clients and investors. Adnann Contracting LLC is now in a position to undertake all major contracts guaranteeing clients and investors with exceptional quality and delivery whilst maintaining a focus on deadlines and budgets.

Future Plans

  • In next two years our plan is to achieve 200 million worth of projects.
  • By the end of fifth years our goal is to achieve 750 million worth of work.
  • Before the end of seventh year our target is to achieve 1,000,000,000 Dhs. worth of projects.

The company also plans to

  • Adopt different strategies for company’s growth.
  • Start five branches in the Middle east in next three years.
  • Open ten branches in GCC, Arab world, Middle east and all around the world by the end of seventh year.